Having my own sounding board to talk all things pencil has been calling to me for some time now. I am and always have been a person who draws, writing is not an area that I have ever had much confidence in. Most of my school books that should have contained writing quickly became sketchbooks. Even today I have to stop myself drawing on paper that should not become a canvas. Forms and applications would look so much better illustrated.

I studied fine art at one of the top schools in Australia and no matter where I go and what I do, I take my art with me. Admittedly it has been a number of years since I showed work in a gallery. Life has a way of keeping me from spending time on my art. I do however know that the day will come when I get back to the studio and create. This is where pencils come into play. I can take them with me to work and sketch. They sustain me in the time I spend away from studio practice.

Over time I have discovered the joy of vintage pencils, and other modern variants from all over the globe. This, along with many years working in an art supply store has allowed me to gather a handsome collection. Finding like minded pencil heads online has also been amazing. I have to thank the guys from The Erasable Podcast, as their efforts have been an absolute pleasure. The hours they have put into the show have been a part of my life since it started, and they never fail to please. They have inspired me to attempt my own little blog.

What I hope to do is add to the existing pencil community by adding the artists point of view, as we use the pencil in very different ways. There will be reviews and opinions that should compliment those that you will find on other more established blogs such as Pencil Revolution, The Writing Arsenal and Woodclinched. They set the standard high.

So what this becomes is still open, just like a fresh sheet of paper. I hope not to have to resort to the eraser too often.


Luke Sinclair

The Pencilism Pencil