I have been very busy with work. I am sure this is the case with many people who still keep their websites up to date. So I will stop making excuses and use this place for what I set it up for. I am working on a project that has been with me since 2010 and this website will be my progress record. I will be careful not to give the whole thing away as creative projects can be derailed by plagiarism. I will say that it is a children’s picture book, and that it has been promised to my son. He is now old enough to hold me to this. I also have have told the kind Heather Rivard from the Art Supply Posse podcast about this and she will be mentioning it in one of their episodes. There is nothing like going public to get a project on the way. So in short the story is written and I have some developed images to expand upon. I will show some of the rough ideas, starting with a couple of the images I have already shown Heather.



I will not post anything that is high resolution, just images that give an idea of what I am doing. I hope that I can inspire others to work on long overdue projects and please, feel free to share. We can all do with encouragement.