A while ago now I was kindly invited to write a guest blog for the very fine Pencil Revolution blog. This was a very nice surprise and I thoroughly enjoyed the process. I will not re-post what I wrote. I will simply put the link here.

There is much more to come and I have a number of pencil based ideas that should nicely fill the gaps between the other amazing blogs out there. We are a small but passionate bunch, but the humble pencil represents much to us. I hope that you enjoy what I have to offer.

4 Replies to “This is where it started.

  1. Luke, I hope the package I sent hits you as a celebration and congratulations on your new website! I am looking forward to what’s going to be in this space!

  2. Many thanks! There is much to come. I have just got a nice new macbook so I am now able to work on this. I am looking forward to the package, there is nothing better than a fresh pencil or two!

  3. Luke

    Congratulations on your new endeavor and welcome to the pencilsphere. I know we’ll all enjoy your artistic contributions. As a fan of natural history and the historical illustration of plants and animals I was particularly drawn to those items in your gallery. Bravo.!

  4. Thank you very much! I am honoured to have the creator of the wonderful blackwing visit my blog in its humble beginnings. I also love art based on natural history. I have many more drawings in that style. They will eventually turn up here.