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My Drawing Process

I have just spent the last two days drawing, needless to say time went fast. I am working on some gift drawings for my pencil mentors Johnny Gamber, Andy Welfle and Tim Wasem. One has been sent and has made it to its destination which I am glad to know (it is the Super Koala […]

A Great Post from Stephen Watts, Thank You.

My 17-year-old son has taken an interest in my growing collection of Eberhard Faber Blackwing 602s and he and I share a mild (in our minds, anyway) obsession with finding the ultimate writing wood pencil. After collecting an assortment of recommended pencils for comparison, we sat down and conducted our unscientific test. Although I had […]

The Meaning of Pencils

I think that before I delve into the may areas I plan to talk about, I should attempt to describe what pencils mean to me. I begun my education before there were classroom computers, and when the development of handwriting was of up most importance. In primary school development went hand in hand with the […]

This is where it started.

A while ago now I was kindly invited to write a guest blog for the very fine Pencil Revolution blog. This was a very nice surprise and I thoroughly enjoyed the process. I will not re-post what I wrote. I will simply put the link here. There is much more to come and I have […]